Frequently Asked Questions


MIIMETIQ EDGE is the All in One IoT Solution for small and mid size projects. It consists one of the most powerful gateways on the market developed by Dell: the DELL EDGE GATEWAY 5000 designed to aggregate, secure and relay data from diverse sensors and equipment working in combination with the MIIMETIQ LITE lightweight IoT Platform.

2. What are the principal uses of MIIMETIQ EDGE?

Recommended for:

Small and mid size projects
Proof of concept, tests and pilots
Enterprise IoT Starter Kit

MIIMETIQ EDGE can be used in a wide range of IoT situations. This is just an small list of all the applications where MIIMETIQ EDGE could work.

3. Where can I buy MIIMETIQ EDGE?

Contact us via info@miimetiqedge.com or ask your Tech Data representative for more information or visit your local Tech Data website.

4. How do I actívate my MIIMETIQ EDGE?

Go to the MIIMETIQ EDGE website and fill in the registration form with your contact information and the service tag number available in your MIIMETIQ EDGE.

5. Why do I need to register my product?

MIIMETIQ LITE is already installed in MIIMETIQ EDGE. This needs a license and you need the correct credentials to start using using the system, by registering your product you get both of these.

6. How many users can I setup with my MIIMETIQ EDGE?

Currently only one user is allowed. The user has full permission to manage all MIIMETIQ LITE features. An admin user is required to set up general purpose aspects such as License Management.

7. How many devices can be supported by MIIMETIQ EDGE?

There is no limit, depending on your solution and hardware requirements, the number of devices supported could be tens, hundreds, thousands…

8. Do I need a SIM card to setup my MIIMETIQ EDGE?

No, you will only need a SIM card if you want to set up a dial-up connection to the Internet or use any other cellular network service.

9. Where can I recover my user and password details?

if you lose your tenant credentials, logging in as an administrator, you can then set up new credentials for that user. If you lose your admin credentials, send an email to info@miimetiqedge.com and we’ll send you new credentials.


10. What is the MIIMETIQ BOX?

The Edge Gateway 5000 uses the Intel AtomTM processor which provides capacity to perform local analytics so only meaningful information is sent to the next tier, which could be another gateway, the datacenter or the cloud.

11. Can i buy the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 without MIIMETIQ LITE?
Yes, you can. Contact your Tech Data representative.


12. What is MIIMETIQ LITE?

MIIMETIQ LITE is a lightweight application based on MIIMETIQ IoT Composer technology which has a predefined but customizable user interface for setting up devices to monitor, actuate and manage any type of data coming from them.

13. What is FLEXIBLE DS?

MIIMETIQ LITE includes Flexible DS; in here it is possible to define connection layers for your devices, and set-up your own protocol or non-supported protocols. Another big feature of Flexible DS is flow programming; by dragging and dropping functional blocks (boxes) and filling in simple forms you can define complex algorithms and business logic. FLEXIBLE DS is an excellent solution for non-native programmers to implement IoT protocols. Don’t look for compatible devices, adapt your connection layer to your devices, irrespective of what communication protocols they use!

14. Can I buy MIIMETIQ LITE on its own?
Yes, you can. Visit www.nexiona.com

15. Do i need a Cloud service to use MIIMETIQ EDGE?

MIIMETIQ EDGE doesn’t need a cloud service, it can be installed on your own infrastructure or in the cloud.

16. Why would I use a Cloud service if I have MIIMETIQ EDGE?

When you need to aggregate information from more than one MIIMETIQ EDGE, it’s a good idea to use a Cloud service. Other reasons could be to have a huge amount of historic data, or backup. MIIMETIQ EDGE is also an excellent complement to Cloud services, allowing them to have computational power on the edge (aka Edge Computing or FOG computing).