Enhanced fog computing solution


Due to a large number of already supported connectivity standards, a wide range of sensors can be connected directly to the gateway.

Some of the principal technologies available to connect sensors are: CANbus, ZigBee, RS485, LTE, Wi-Fi, etc.

In addition, you can create your On-Premise IoT solution or connect MIIMETIQ EDGE to the cloud for additional storage or computing capabilities. You only need a web browser on the same network as the Dell Gateway.

Enhanced fog computing solution

With the DELL EDGE GATEWAY 5000 you’re able to move calculation and computational capacity to the edge  and with MIIMETIQ LITE have the flexibility to connect any of your devices and add the necessary business logic, making MIIMETIQ EDGE the perfect solution to facilitate analysis and decision making at the point of data collection, in addition to sending aggregated and high value data to the cloud; fully assisted by FOG computing.