The All-in-One IoT Solution for small and mid size projects

MIIMETIQ EDGE consists of the most powerful IoT gateway on the market developed by Dell®: the Edge Gateway 5000 designed to aggregate, secure and relay data from a wide diversity of sensors and equipment in conjunction with the MIIMETIQ LITE lightweight IoT Platform, developed by NEXIONA®.

The Edge Gateway 5000

The Edge Gateway 5000 uses the Intel AtomTM processor which provides capacity to perform local analytics so only meaningful information is sent to the next tier, which could be another gateway, the datacenter or the cloud.

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MIIMETIQ LITE is a lightweight application based on MIIMETIQ IoT Composer technology with a pre-defined but customizable user interface for setting up devices to monitor, actuate and manage any type of data coming from them.

It allows the quick setup of dashboards, reports, new and existing devices and business rules without the need to program a single line of code.

In addition, MIIMETIQ LITE has a built-in module called Flexible DS which allows for the connection to almost any type of device or sensor. This uses the concept of ‘flow programming’ to simply drag and drop elements for adding in business logic, in this way integration with any communication protocol is possible. This is the simplest and easiest way available to connect sensors, devices, machines, PLCs, etc!!!

The Dell® Edge Gateway, powered by Intel® processor technology, brings the power of analytics to the edge of the IoT network, reducing the time and cost associated with transferring non-essential data to the cloud or datacenter.

The Dell® Edge Gateway is flexible, connects both legacy and modern sensors and devices, and can be customized for various commercial use cases.